How to improve employee performance

Improving productivity in your drive-thru is important for both your customers and your crewmembers. As described earlier, drive-thru gamification is a relatively new technology that is making it easier to get a better performance from your team. But this is only one of many tools and techniques you can use to improve employee performance. 

Design all kitchen processes for speed and accuracy
Plan ahead without compromising the freshness of the meal, speed up packaging by having a system to ensure everything is stocked and in the right place.

Set clear performance goals
Track data and inform crewmembers how they are performing real time will produce the best results.

Provide ongoing food prep training
Make sure all crewmembers know how to prepare particular food items so it doesn’t slow down the process.

Use the right technology
It all starts with high-definition headsets! The sound quality reduces order mistakes and allows error free communication between customers and order takers.

Create a culture of performance
Make sure everyone knows the goals so employees stay focused, provide regular feedback and award employees when they meet or exceed the stated goals.

Use order confirmation boards
Order confirmation boards make sure you get the order right before starting to prepare a meal.