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Communication on the work floor

Save time and money

The importance of clear communication

In a noisy environment, employees can make unnecessary mistakes. This can cost your organization a lot of time and money. By improving the communication between your employees, you can optimize your entire operational business process.

Our wireless headsets ensure clear and direct communication so employees no longer have to shout. As a result, your employees will have an improved environment with an efficient and accurate way to communicate and the number of mistakes on the work floor will be reduced significantly .

Communication is key

  • Direct communication
  • Less distraction due to noise
  • Less time wastage
  • Avoiding unnecessary mistakes 
  • Improve teamwork
  • Increase efficiency
provides hands-free, two-way communication that enables a natural conversational flow between multiple crew members.

Optimize Staff Communication

ISC | HD is the first hands-free, high-definition wireless system especially designed for employee-to-employee communications. Unlike other solutions, ISC | HD creates a more natural conversation flow that streamlines requests, tasks, and reminders between crew members. By optimizing staff communication and improving productivity, ISC | HD is the in-store solution for more efficient operations and a superior customer experience.

Another type of headset that can be used with our communication solution

Two-Way Communication Improves Service

The ISC | HD system provides two-way simultaneous communication, also called full-duplex, which enables up to four crew members to speak at the same time. Employees at the front counter can easily talk with the manager or other team members, no matter where they are located, to quickly address a customer’s request.

Ultra-Durable Belt-Pacs

Our belt-pacs are perfect partners to HME's super-strong headsets. Designed to reduce maintenance costs, HME's belt-pacs are water-resistant and sealed tight to extend the life of your equipment.

Message Center

Automatically inform staff members of critical developments affecting food safety and employee security. Alerts only trigger when certain events occur. 

Schedule automatic reminders to keep employees on task; for example to wash their hands and check the bathrooms without interfering with drive-thru order taking.  


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