Solutions for Hospitals

Where communication is of vital importance

Wireless Communication


At a large hospital in the Netherlands we have recently started our wireless communication in the operating room. Operation assistants and surgeons are often in separate rooms. Previously, both parties had to shout to be heard by each other. With new wireless communication devices, this is no longer necessary. The work becomes even more efficient and can be done with less distraction and more concentration.

A woman in a healthcare environment wearing communication equipment.

Important factors

  • Increase efficiency
  • Clarity
  • Less distraction due to noise
  • More focus
  • Smooth cooperation
  • Direct communication
Base station and headset that we deliver

Optimize Staff Communication

ISC | HD is the first hands-free, high-definition wireless system especially designed for employee-to-employee communications. Unlike other solutions, ISC | HD creates a more natural conversation flow that streamlines requests, tasks, and reminders between crew members. By optimizing staff communication and improving productivity, ISC | HD is the in-store solution for more efficient operations and a superior customer experience.

Another type of headset that can be used with our communication solution

Two-Way Communication Improves Service

The ISC | HD system provides two-way simultaneous communication, also called full-duplex, which enables up to four crew members to speak at the same time. Employees at the front counter can easily talk with the manager or other team members, no matter where they are located, to quickly address a customer’s request.


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