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Retail Solutions

Improve communication between staff

Support & safety

Communication between staff in stores with a large floor area is extremely important. Not only to optimise the customer experience and minimise waiting times, but also for the support and safety of your staff. For example, when a member of your staff is in need of assistance or a managers approval, or in case of  emergencies, it is important to have fast, clear and direct communication.   

A woman working in retail wearing communication equipment, one of the markets we serve.


  • Improve customer service
  • Minimize waiting times
  • Increase safety
  • Direct response
  • Improve sales conversion
  • Direct communication 
  • Improve staff cooperation 
  • Increase sales performance

Radio with powerful battery

This radio is very compact, robust and functional. He has a good battery that lasts 24 hours in normal use. In addition, the radio is splash-proof, fast to charge and has a wide range.

Discrete & comfortable earpieces

We offer various earpieces to communicate via radio, from a discrete version with a transparent sound tube to comfortable earpieces suitable for retailers and restaurants. 


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