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ZOOM Nitrotm: gaming for your drive

To stay ahead of competition, you need more than a timer system! With Nitro gamification you can engage your team and beat the competition! Game-based engagement works! Companies that use gamification have seen a 48% increase in employee engagement with 90% of employees being more productive. ZOOM Nitro Gamification is specially designed using game psychology […]

Fish and chips from Wetherby Whaler

“It’s important that our first ever drive-thru offers a quick, easy and convenient service to our customers and PFM helped us define the best solution, optimised our budget and delivered in a well- managed efficient process from beginning to end. They understood our needs and worked with us. The staff were all able to hit the ground running due […]

Are Drive Throughs the best retail compromise?

How the world has changed. With the onset of the Covid-19 situation, suddenly a trip to the local shop is something that requires almost military planning, even blood tests are being carried out in a drive through situation.The simple physics, safety via reduced contact, efficient logistics and convenience to the Drive Through vending interaction, mean it […]

How to improve employee performance

Improving productivity in your drive-thru is important for both your customers and your crewmembers. As described earlier, drive-thru gamification is a relatively new technology that is making it easier to get a better performance from your team. But this is only one of many tools and techniques you can use to improve employee performance. Design all […]

My headset broke down, now what?

PFM only delivers the best quality in communication equipment, from headsets to message centers, from speaker posts to Zoom Timer Systems. But even materials with the highest quality can malfunction at times.Whenever you experience malfunctioning equipment, we offer the solution with PFM Repair Intelligence. As an authorized Repair Center for HME communication products throughout Europe […]

The importance of Messsage Centers

Communication- and Timer Systems are not the only success factors within high-performing drive thrus. Let's talk about Message Centers for example! Because of Message Centers you can inform all employees at once about important issues that have a direct effect on the safety of employees or the quality of food. For example messages about the temperatures of freezers and coolers and doors that are not closed properly. In […]

High Definition Headsets

When it comes to communication within the QSR business, we know just what you need. After all there is nothing like crystal-clear communication between customers and order takers to facilitate fast, accurate service. Why choose high-def headsets from HME? The most important reason is the sound clarity. The voice quality is so good that users […]

Extend the life of your headsets

PFM offers nothing but high quality communication equipment which is essential for fast and efficient drive-thru operations. So how do you make sure you can use your equipment longer? Because as you can imagine, headsets and beltpacs can take a real beating in the dynamic environment of a drive-thru kitchen. Here are some tips on […]

Why drive-thru is here to stay

The idea of ​​"drive-thru" restaurants has been around since the 1930s. This method, where people didn’t have to get out of their car to order food, was first tested by the Texas Pig Stand-chain. The American based in-n-out Burger built the first restaurant in 1948 which was the first drive-thru restaurant. In the meantime, drive-thru […]