About PFM Communication Intelligence


Our story began in 1982 when FLUCON was founded in the Netherlands. What started with measuring oil and water soon developed into a company with different disciplines. Disciplines such as the delivery of footfall systems (PFM Footfall Intelligence) and communication solutions (PFM Communication Intelligence). Everything we do at PFM is based on technology and innovation. 

The Communication branch within the PFM Intelligence Group developed further when we were approached to be part of the implementation of the first McDrive in the Netherlands, the McDrive at McDonald's Huis ter Heide. Technical knowledge and experience are key requirements in the success of such a project, so PFM got involved. The reason for the request came from members of the US Army who were stationed there at that time. Drive-Thru restaurants were already fully established in the US at that time. However, in the Netherlands, this was still new. Since then we have provided many Drive-Thru restaurants of McDonald's with communication equipment. Soon after McDonald's other major fastfood chains such as KFC followed.

This is the PFM Intelligence Group headquarters.
PFM Intelligence Group Headquarters


It is our mission to deliver the most innovative, accessible, reliable and cost-effective solutions for our clients.


It is our goal to become the all-in-one world class data insights company to ensure retailers, governments, investment firms and transport hubs can benefit from our analytics, insights and knowledge.

Meet our team

We ensure the best quality and high customer satisfaction with our service. We do this not only with the right products and technology, but also with our enthusiastic team! Each team member is a specialists in his or her field of expertise. We have expert knowledge gained from many years experience that enables us to provide the right solution for any request.


Our communication partner HME
HME is a company that designs, manufactures, sells and services specialized communications, audio and software solutions for a variety of niche markets.