First drive-thru for Tim Hortons in the UK

PFM Communication Intelligence UK were approached by Tim Hortons to provide a drive-thru order confirmation system for their very first drive through restaurant in the UK. Tim Hortons is a Canadian retailer of doughnuts and coffee and have well over 2000 restaurants worldwide. PFM Communication have supplied all order confirmation equipment including speaker posts, road loop detection and communication system. Tim Hortons opened its first store in Salford, Manchester before Christmas and plans up to 300 stores in the UK. The huge venue at 282 Bury New had dozens of people queuing, with one hardcore fan waiting since 2am for the doors to open so that he would win a years’ free coffee and doughnuts. Uniquely, PFM are also experienced in providing footfall solutions to the retail sector and we are trialling a solution to provide Tim Hortons with capture rate information comparing footfall traffic both entering and passing a store.