High Definition Headsets

When it comes to communication within the QSR business, we know just what you need. After all there is nothing like crystal-clear communication between customers and order takers to facilitate fast, accurate service. Why choose high-def headsets from HME? The most important reason is the sound clarity. The voice quality is so good that users of these headsets say it feels like they are sitting in the car with the customer and they are having a face-to-face conversation.

What produces this remarkable sound quality? It starts with superior bandwidth. Human vocal patterns vary widely, from high-pitched to low voices and everything in between. The wider bandwidth of high-def headsets expands the audio range to capture more highs, mid-range and bass sound waves, giving a fuller, more natural reproduction of the speaker’s voice. 

This results in a significant increase in “intelligibility”, which is the ability of the listener to easily hear and understand the speaker. But that is not all. A common problem with many headset systems is they are not able to filter out outside noises. Sounds like traffic noise, wind, lawnmowers etc can easily get picked up by the outside microphone. This not only dilutes the sound clarity, it also leads to ear fatigue for the order taker. Compound these “inbound” noises with “outbound” noises (i.e. kitchen sounds) and the sound quality degrades even further. Fortunately, high-definition technology comes to the rescue by significantly reducing both types of sounds. As a result, you get more of the right kind of sound which is just the conversation between the customer to your crewmember.

Orders are processed quicker and more accurately and the customer drive away happy!

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