Extend the life of your headsets

PFM offers nothing but high quality communication equipment which is essential for fast and efficient drive-thru operations. So how do you make sure you can use your equipment longer? Because as you can imagine, headsets and beltpacs can take a real beating in the dynamic environment of a drive-thru kitchen. Here are some tips on how to extend the life of your headsets.

One of the most important things is training your crew members. After all they are the ones who work with the headsets on a daily basis. Making sure they understand how to adjust their equipment to fit them comfortably is a first important step. Besides, showing them how take care of their equipment will help you a great deal. 

For example show them how to adjust the headset to comfortably fit their heads without stretching or pulling. Besides train them to hold the boom at the base when adjusting the position of the microphone. By making sure there is not too much pressure on the microphone tip, there is less change it will break off.

Beltpacs need to be handled with care. This again all comes down to how well you train your staff. Explain they should never disconnect the cables and connectors except when troubleshooting a problem. Make sure each location has enough clothing clips, so all crewmembers can use them to keep the beltpac cable from catching on something and getting torn off.

Repair problems as quickly as possible. Avoid the tendency to improvise do-it-yourself solutions such as taping a microphone in place. In time this will make matters worse. If there is a problem, please get in touch with us via email or send in a repair directly