“Communications Breakdown” was one of the first big hits for the classic rock band Led Zeppelin. But it’s not something you want to happen in your drive-thru. This is why we offer high-definition audio headset systems like the EOS | HD from HME. The amazing clear sound dramatically improves customer to crewmember communication and helps reduce order mistakes. Where can communications break down?

Old or poorly maintained equipment:
Regular cleaning and maintenance of outdoor speakers will help, but if you miss even one cleaning speaker grills can become clogged with dirt or ice. Keep a close eye on your equipment and let us know if we can support in any way.  

Lack of noise reduction technology:
High quality headset systems come with up-to-date sound reduction technologies. If your headset system doesn’t, get in touch with us for an update.

Headset battery problems:
If your headset batteries lose power sooner than they should, it could be a sign of problems with the headset. If you use rechargeable batteries and the same thing happens, it could be a problem with the charger. Need assistance? Get in touch with us via support.uk@pfm-intelligence.com.